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Register a Representative office in Bulgaria

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A foreign company which has the right to perform business activity under the legislation of its registration can set up a representative office in Bulgaria. The representative office is not a new legal entity and it does not have the right to conduct a business activity in Bulgaria. The purpose of the representative office is only marketing and promotion of the foreign company business. It is funded by the principal entity. The appointed representative may qualify for a visa type "D" which provides the right to reside in Bulgaria.

A representative office may conclude certain types of contracts related to renting premises, marketing services or perform activities related to its main purpose. After its registration the representative office must obtain a BULSTAT number and is considered a local entity in the contracts it enters with other Bulgarian entities or local persons. The representative office must have an address in Bulgaria. The official body that maintains the records of the registered representative offices in Bulgaria is the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The required registration documents include:

1. An official Company Certificate of the foreign entity that sets up a representative office in Bulgaria, containing information about the persons who represent the foreign entity. The documents must be legalized /an apostille is required/ and must be issued not earlier than 6 months prior to the submission of the application for registration.

2. A protocol of the decision of the managing directors of the foreign company containing a decision to form a representative office. This document must also contain the names of the appointed representative and the delegated rights.

3. A notarized letter of authority issued by the legal representatives of the company for the person authorized to register the representative office.

4. A filled out application form

5. Information cards with the details of the Representative office and appointed representatives

6. A proof of paid registration fee /an express service is also available that allows registration within 1 day /

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