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The official company registration body in Bulgaria is the Commercial register. The Company certificate / Certificate of the current status of a company/ contains the company name, registration number, address, registered email, registration date, the names of the managing directors and shareholders and shares distribution.

A certified copy of the current Memorandum will contain information about decision making process and the rights of the legal representatives of the company. Both documents can be obtained from any office of the Commercial register. The company documents need to have an apostille in case they are used abroad. Obtaining an apostille takes about 3-4 days.

The Bulgarian Commercial Code requires that only the General Assembly of the shareholders may approve participation in the capital of other legal entities, real estate transactions, increasing or decreasing the company capital. Taking these decisions requires often a notarized protocol confirming the consent of all shareholders or the required majority.

The Bulgarian commercial register is available online on The register can be searched by a company number, company name or a name of a person who is a shareholder/director. The online register provides also information about the changes of the company that took place since its registration. The website has also an English interface, but names can be searched only in their Cyrillic version.

A company research is always advisable when signing up contract or forming a partnership with the respective Bulgarian company especially in cases involving real estate transactions or connected entities.

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